8 Best Tips for Organic Foods On A Budget

Organic Foods On A BudgetChoosing to eat organically doesn’t have to be costly. Here are some suggestions for Organic Foods On A Budget and on how to eat better for less.

If you’ve considered eating organic foods, but think you can’t afford it, take heart. By making some adjustments in your lifestyle, you can buy organically grown foods and save money at the same time.

Start Gradually

Rather than switch totally to Organic Foods On A Budget, begin by selecting only a few foods that appeal to you. Organic peaches, apples, strawberries, peppers, and potatoes are a few good choices. Or, just start out with one fruit or vegetable in which you notice a remarkable difference in taste, just as organic mushrooms. Then ease your way into more organic foods. Another good rule of thumb is to notice what foods appeal to your kids. If they like a particular food, chances are you will too. What’s more, if you start your children off early eating organic foods, they’ll be more inclined to make healthier choices when they get older.

Join a Co-Op

Why not join a Co-Op or local farmer’s market? This way you can save money. Or, next time you’re at an organic restaurant, ask where they buy their food. Who knows? You just may be able to share on some of their orders.

What’s more, participate in a CSA (community supported agriculture) garden. For only a small fee you get receive organic (as well as freshly grown) produce for six months of the year (May through November) where pick your own produce once or twice a week. Check out the Biodynamic Farming Association for details on CSAs in your community.

Watch for Sales

Organic foods don’t always cost more than nonorganic ones. If you watch supermarket fliers, you can often find vegetables, such as organic broccoli for the same price as nonorganic. The same holds true for organic eggs. Also, be bold and ask your local grocer to keep you posted on sales for organic items.

Online Coupons

Many of the major organic food companies offer online coupons for considerable savings. Also, sign up for fliers online to take advantage of sales at natural food stores.

Start a Garden

If growing your own fruits and vegetables seems overwhelming and you’re convinced you don’t have a green thumb, challenge yourself anyway. You don’t have to grow every fruit and vegetable, but start with only a few easy Organic Foods On A Budget (such as tomatoes, carrots and lettuce). Check out websites with helpful tips on organic gardening.

Start a Neighborhood Food Exchange

Find others in your neighborhood interested in eating organically and start a community exchange. For example, you could grow carrots or tomatoes while someone down the street could grow lettuce. By advertising in local papers or posting announcements, you’re likely to find enough people to start a group.

Buy in Bulk

Rather than buying individual prepackaged items, buy in bulk. Then make your own breads and soups, which can save you money. You can always freeze whatever you make so it won’t go bad.

Reorganize Your Organic Foods On A Budget

Finally, take inventory on what you presently spend on food. Make a list of all those items that you could easily give up such as foods containing artificial ingredients. Also, how much money do you spend on fast foods, snacks as well as coffee or lattes? When you do the math, you’ll probably find you’re spending way too much money on foods that don’t nourish your body.

So happy shopping for those Organic Foods On A Budget and don’t spend all your money at the grocery store!

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