Low Fat Pizza Recipes

Low Fat Pizza RecipesIt can be hard to lead a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived of life’s little comforts. No need to feel cheated. It is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Trying to eat healthy but missing the taste of a gooey, savory pizza? Relax…it doesn’t have to be one or the other. These pizza recipes are healthy, low-fat and chock full of the real pizza taste everyone loves and longs for. So whip up an individual pizza for one, or a large-sized pie for family and friends, and…be comforted.

Traditional Pizza

Following in the tradition of original pizza-parlour pies, this classic pizza falls right in line, with one exception. Made with a thin crust, skim-milk cheese and fresh veggies, this pizza is low-fat, low-calorie and just plain healthy eating.


Thin crust pizza shell
Tomato paste
Minced garlic
Part-skim mozzarella cheese
Chopped vegetables (your choice)
Season to taste


Cover the pizza shell with a layer of tomato paste.
Sprinkle minced garlic over the tomato paste. Use as much or as little as desired.
Cover the entire pie with a layer of part-skim mozzarella cheese.
Sprinkle chopped veggies over the cheese.
Drizzle a little bit more mozzarella cheese over the chopped vegetables.
Season to taste. Suggestions: oregano, pepper, basil, thyme.
Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until cheese is melted.

Olive-Mayo Pita Pizza

Don’t balk…it may sound strange, but this olive-mayo pizza is an amazing combination of flavors that will surprise and delight. And it’s super low-fat. In fact, if one opts to prepare this pizza with the fat-free version of each topping, the whole pie will contain less than five grams of fat.


White pita bread rounds
Low-fat mayonnaise
Chopped white onions
Low-fat shredded cheddar
Pimiento-stuffed green olives, sliced into quarters.


Separate the top and bottom of the pita bread round.
Spread a layer of low-fat mayonnaise over the pita bread.
Sprinkle the mayonnaise with chopped white onions.
Place a generous layer of low-fat shredded cheddar over the onions and mayo.
Sprinkle quartered green olives over the cheese.
Bake pizza at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until cheese is melted.

Goat Cheese Ricotta Pizza

This pizza is sure to become a favorite…the tart flavor of goat cheese mingles beautifully with the subtle sweetness of ricotta cheese. Add garlic, olive oil and savory veggies to create a unique and distinct pizza experience.


Thin crust pizza shell
Fat-free ricotta cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Minced garlic
Crumbled goat cheese
Chopped frozen spinach (defrosted)
Chopped onions
Sliced mushrooms


Spread a thin layer of fat-free ricotta cheese over the pizza shell.
Drizzle olive oil over the ricotta.
Evenly distribute the minced garlic over the olive oil.
Spread a layer of crumbled goat cheese over the olive oil.
Combine spinach, onions and garlic in a mixing bowl. Toss well. Drop the mixture evenly over the goat cheese.
Sprinkle goat cheese over the vegetables.
Pepper to taste.
Bake pizza at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until cheese is melted.

Toss a salad in a light vinaigrette dressing, pour a nice glass of red wine and the meal is complete… completely healthy, completely low-fat and completely delicious.

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