lisa foodWelcome to Lisa’s Foods. If you’re looking to simplify your life, improve your health, save money, and join in the simple living movement, you’ve come to the right place. I’m glad you stopped by.

Why simplify your life?

There’s nothing like eating pesto all year round that you prepared with your potted basil plants. Or bonding with friends and family through a simple walk around the neighborhood. People are leading highly stressful, complex lives by eating processed foods, living far from natural settings, and sitting in flourescent-lit cubicles all day.

Simplify your life for your health, your wallet, and your sense of wellbeing.

And why through unconventional eating?

One way to start living simply is through your foods. By picking up methods here to eat different foods and prepare them in new ways, you’ll add more health and sustenance to your life.

Move away from conventional paths to find health, happiness, and a greater sense of community. (Oh, and if you’re wondering about the blue vegetable in my logo, it’s a Hubbard squash, a simple, unconventional food.)

About me.

I am on the move to live a more sustainable and fulfilling life through getting back to basics. Having moved towards simplicity for a few years of my life, I then strayed away, seeking out a conventional American lifestyle (think grad school degree, and a full-time job with all the typical benefits). Now I’ve left that typical life in search of more fulfillment, passion and joy. Join me as I move towards a simpler lifestyle in the Berkshires, MA through food, gardening, travel, fitness, and more.

You can expect articles on food and simple living on Mondays and Wednesdays, Weekend Reading Material posts on Fridays, and guest posts now and then. I currently write product reviews on Sundays, but starting in January 2011, I will only post reviews or giveaways for products that I believe in and that are also produced within a 100-mile radius of my home.

If you’d like to contact me with questions or comments, or if you’re interested in writing a guest post, please email me at lisasfoods[at]gmail.com.

Spread the word. All content on this blog is uncopyrighted, meaning that it’s to be passed along and shared with your community. Just make sure to give credit back to this blog. Let’s get this unconventional, simple living community moving.